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HendricksonBoys We are a multi-generational family business in operation
since 1980. Pictured is Mark Hendrickson, Founder (right)
with Alan Hendrickson (left). And no, they don't generally
show up in suits for work!

NEW PICTURES! Driveway Regrading

Driveway Graded New Gravel Driveway
Winter is over, spring has arrived and it is time to re-grade those gravel driveways! Photos are the before and after shots of a driveway we recently re-graded. Call now for a free estimate!

NEW PICTURES! Combating Soil Erosion

Pipe Drainage Drainage Pipe raked
Yards that are soggy and have soil erosion are never appreciated! For this homeowner Hendrickson Excavating installed N-12 pipe underground, taken out to daylight, to drain the water.

Pipe was covered with topsoil than the area was raked and seeded.

Pipe Drainage Hay Pipe Drainage Seeded
Now the water will drain, the grass will grow and it will shortly be a wonderful place to spend time together!

This is a septic repair that was required due to a failed inspection.

Septic Repair New Distribution Box
The failed portion of the system was the distribution box. The function of a distribution box is to equally distribute water to each lateral within the septic field. Photo shows the new distribution box reconnected to all piping. Upon completion all work is backfilled, raked and
grass seed is placed on the disturbed area.

Soil prep for construction of a 30'x30' building pad.

Stripping the ground New Surface
Stripping of vegetation and topsoil. 
Finished product. 30" fill on the low side using shale for fill material and crushed stone for the finished surface.

This was a septic system alteration on ground that was difficult to perk.

This type of system requires that the contractor have an advanced treatment
license issued through the National Environmental Health Association.

Tank is a Hoot Sand Filter Bed
Tank is a Hoot H600 ATU with two drip zones.

This is a sand filter bed with drip tubing installed. You can also see the corner of the 2nd bed in the picture.

Irrigation Beds
Side view of both drip irrigation beds. Missing is a photo of the completed system. However, disturbed area(s) would be covered with topsoil, seed and hay.

Gravel Driveway

Dirt Driveway GravelDriveway
Driveway graded and ready for stone. 
Finished gravel driveway. (Note: Stone looks "old
and dirty" when it's first applied due to the "stone
dust". Once it rains all the dust washes away and
the gravel looks clean.)

Installed Gravity Flow Septic System

Gravity Flow Gravity Flow
Excavated hole for septic tank installation. Sand provides bedding for the tank to rest on.

New septic tank being installed. This tank is a
1,000 gallon - two compartment septic tank.

Gravity Flow Gravity Flow
Excavated "hole" for the Septic System - 21'x65'x8'.

Septic sand installed in bed.

Gravity Flow Gravity Flow
Pipe and stone installed on top of septic sand. 

Backfill and grading of septic bed.

Gravity Flow
Final rake, seed and hay. This is now a functional system. Just waiting for the grass to grow!

Other Photos

Septic Tank
Hendrickson Excavating Trucks
Mark Hendrickson installing the 1300 septic tank and 1000 gallon pump tank (for a pump septic system).

Part of our proud fleet of Hendrickson Excavating! 

Backhoe Hammer Foundation Excavation
Hammer mounted on a backhoe. Sometimes you just have to hammer out the shale. When the job was completed there was a beautiful foundation addition in New Hope, PA.

Foundation excavation for a 5000 sq. foot house in
Delaware Township, Hunterdon County.

Snow Plow

One of those snow storms....time to get out the "big shovel" and find the driveway!